Candybot on threadless. Score it please

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Score my new design on threadless please :)

Wall painting

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Painted on old wallpaper – acrylic and markers 106×110 cm

Ockham’s razor up for scoring on threadless!

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326572My design “Ockham’s razor” is up for scoring on threadless. This design is a nerdy joke, if you don’t get it maybe you should check this 😉 . Thanks for you support!

Fortune Cookie tattoo

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A kind guy from Fortune Cookie Tattoo asked me for a drawing inspired by their tattoo parlour’s name including my most distinctive elements like the chubby chick and tentacles. Here’s what I made for him.

Renmen Project collaboration with Jared Nickerson

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Collaboration with Jared Nickerson for the Renmen Project to raise funds for Haiti. Other 10 awesome Blood Sweat Vector artists made the other letters of RENMEN.

Good night!

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This is simply a personal project. 2 days ago I was sketching while watching TV and this thing came out.

PS: you can follow me on instagram too :) (tokyocandies)

Hell yeah!

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I posted my last submission on Threadless months ago (I don’t even remember when), last week I had some free time and I started a random design which I turned into a “music/indie/hipster” funny theme with some ironic quotes (mostly taken from a friend of mine).

Thanks for your support: vote here.

Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo

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Markers on paper. Xmas present :)

2 new drawings on sale!

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New drawings on sale in my art shop! Two original artworks, unique pieces, both markers on paper (A3 unframed). Chek them out: A tea with me and Ride Free

Alice – original artwork (SOLD)

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Commissioned piece, markers on paper. All original artworks on the shop have been sold, but check there are signed prints still available at super-cheap prices! Check the shop regularly ’cause new artworks will be added constantly!