Plasticine fun

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Ockham’s razor up for scoring on threadless!

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326572My design “Ockham’s razor” is up for scoring on threadless. This design is a nerdy joke, if you don’t get it maybe you should check this 😉 . Thanks for you support!

Renmen Project collaboration with Jared Nickerson

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Collaboration with Jared Nickerson for the Renmen Project to raise funds for Haiti. Other 10 awesome Blood Sweat Vector artists made the other letters of RENMEN.

Urban Samurai on LaFraise

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urban-samurai_LR_800t-shirt-urban-samurai_LRHello people! I just came back from Japan, simply amazing! You should go there if you never been there yet! Specially if you’re interested in character design, well, that’s the Country. Anything has a character: billboards, signage, packaging, public and private companies, even the police has a little cute character (called Pipu if I’m not wrong) on their stations’ signs!
Well, by the way, just back from Japan I put this new design on LaFraise. I really hope you’ll enjoy it and score it (and maybe share it around). Arigato Gozaimas ^_^

SuperMarioChick tattoo on a fan

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mariochick-tattoo01One more session to go! Great one!

sketchin on a friend’s iPad

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ipad_sketchToday I had a chance to try sketching on an iPad. Much better than doing it on iPhone, but pretty tricky anyway without a pen :)

Maneki neko tattoo

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manekinekotattooThanks to C.B. for this! She said it has been very painful on that part of the body. The tattoo artist is Koji at Milano City Ink

Another Ganesh on a fan

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22641_1361710321377_1190154960_31083714_7732682_nTattoo on a fan.  Thanks Misi for your huge portion of skin ^_^

New tattoo on a fan

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This awesome tattoo is on Erika! Great! I’m super excited about it! Having a work of mine tattoed on someone is one of the most exciting things I can imagine. Check the other pics inside the post ^_^

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Sweet Nightmare on LaFraise: rate my design!

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My design for BSV exhibition is on vote on! Rate it if you want this t-shirt printed as much as I do! Thanks for your support :)

Click here to score the design! Spread the love!